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 Founding Venters In South Africa

 Meet Hendrik, the Venter progenitor in South Africa, here...

 We are in the process of compiling the Venter Chronology since 1679 to about 1800. The list only contains information where we have a copy of the actual record, and with reference and source. For example: The inventories and vendurollen or auction lists are stored in the Cape Archives. The Archives of the Master of the Supreme Court (Cape of Good Hope) is housed in the Cape Archives Repository, Roeland Street, Cape Town. It includes:

Volumes Description Dates
MOOC 7/1/1-140 Wills & Appraisals 1688-1835
MOOC 8/1-48 Inventories 1673-1834
MOOC 8/49-51 Inventories & Appraisements 1780-1834
MOOC 8/75 Inventories not bound 1673-1825
MOOC 8/76-77 Index to Inventories 1692-1834
MOOC10/1-49 Vendu (Auction) Rolls 1691-1834
MOOC14/1-85 Estate accounts, mostly fragmented 1673-1834 (This is not available to the public. You need "authorised" access.)
MOOC 13/1/1 Estate distribution Accounts 1709 - 1722
Other references:    
CJ Court of Justice (Also so-called "Bandietenrollen") CJ 3186 - CJ 3192A and CJ 2562 - CJ 2568
VC Verbatim Copies Muster Rolls VC39/2 - VC48 and NA 12537 - 12653
J Tax Returns ("Opgaafrolle")  
T and CDT Title deeds  
M Cadaster  
C Resolutions C001 - C231 (1651 - 1795)
Drakenstein 1 Marriages 1717 - 1749 and Baptisms 1694 - 1732  
Palmkronieke 1 Baptisms NG Church Stellenbosch 1688 - 1732
TANAP Resolutions of the Council of Policy of the Cape of Good Hope 1651 - 1795
TEPC Cape Transcripts 1673 - 1834
GGSA Cemetery Project 2004 - 2012
GGSA Familia 1964 - 2012
C Pama Die Groot Afrikaanse Familienaamboek 1983
C Pama Geslagregisters van ou Kaapse Families 1966
Department of Justice MASETI DATA About 1700 - 2012

Roelf du Preez wrote a fantastic biography about Hendrik Venter and other founding Venters. We recommend you read it at Familie Stories.  

We acknowledge extracts and contributions from the above sources.  

You can buy some of the above from Dr. Helena Liebenberg and some of the others at CDBooks-r-us.

 Our current published list contains 212 authentic entries. (We have several still to be published)

 You can view the table of events that we have done so far, here...

 Watch this space! We will be publishing more information about the founding Venters (Pieter, Bonifacius, Jan Hendrik etc.) in this section. You can view the Estate payout here (MOOC 13/1/1)...


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