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 We are a group of South African Venters, interested in our ancestry and history. This site is sponsored by Christo Venter. He has, and is, funding a large portion of the Venter family research being done (not to be confused with specific Venter family ancestry research or family tree activities) and has provided the results and copies of documents for publication here.

 We strive to publish general Venter history and happenings, that could be of interest to everyone Venter.

 This is not the place to discuss political, religious or cultural views, and we will never encourage or lobby you to join such groups.

 Although we might be able to assist, generally, we cannot help you to find a lost uncle, aunt, grandfather etc. These belong in the hands of the professionals. However, asking for help on the Venter Community Forum is OK and might just send you in the right direction to finding lost relatives.

 The Venter.co website is a Community website and we do not encourage private e-mails or correspondence. If you have something to say or ask, please do so via the Community Forum. If it is criticism, we'll take it on the chin. If it is praise, we'll send you an e-present where everybody can see it! Bottom line is: we practice an open policy.

 Why wait? Start participating. This is not our website. It is your website. How good or bad this turn out to be, will be dependent on you. Join here or sit on the fence here...

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 We wish to thank Dr. Helena Liebenberg, Dr. Pieter Koenders (National Archive, Netherlands), Dr. Antonia Malan, Maureen Rall (one of the principal researchers in South Africa), Zabeth Botha (Pretoria Archives) and many others for their contributions and advice, which allowed us to establish this website. Particularly, we wish to thank and acknowledge Maureen, who has obtained for us copies of original documents and who has transcribed many more.

 Our sources are also (but not limited to) the Dutch Reformed Church (NG Kerk), Stellenbosch archives, Reformed Church (Gereformeerde Kerk) Potchefstroom archives etc.

 Whilst every care has been taken to publish accurate information, errors and typos might have slipped in. If you come across any, please let us know by writing to the Venter Community.

 The Venter Community is a non-profit group. We do not sell anything. If you wish to donate to the Venter cause and help finding out more about our ancestry, drop us an e-mail. Every transaction is recorded and audited. - Research is expensive!

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